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Game Master Registration Form

Welcome to the GM Registration Page. If you have a game that you would like to demonstrate at our Open Games Day event please send an email to The email should contain not only your information (such as name and how to contact you) we also need to know what game it is you would like to run, a description of the game, how much space you need for your game, how long it takes to run your demonstration, and how many people (players) you can accommodate with your demo (minimum needed and maximum allowed). Space is limited so make sure you sign up early.

Game Master Registration Open for 2018

  • Game Masters Submit your game information early to ensure your game is in the program book.

Game Master Registration is open so make your plans and come run a game at WarlordGamesCon 2018.  Simply fill out the following form and send it in, we will be in contact with you shortly.  Use all fields which apply as this will help us get you the time and table arrangement you have requested. 

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