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About Warlord Games Con

Carrying on the tradition established by Warlord Games of Nottingham UK, Jon Russell brought Open Games Day to Oklahoma City.

The very first event was held in 2012 at the Reed Center, a recreation of Operation Market Garden. Four tables held miniatures and terrain to recreate the battles that took place during the operation, using the Bolt Action rules for the scenario. There was even a table set aside with a limited number of books and tanks for participants to purchase.

Warlord Games Day 2014 002.JPGThe next event was an actual full blown Open Games Day held at the Hampton Inn. It was only one day, and the conference room that held the event was small, but the opportunity was given for everyone to try their hand at all the different games that Warlord had put out, to include Beyond the Gates of Antares, which was still under development at the time. The state of Oklahoma had even declared the date the state’s official Warlord Games Open Games Day.

Based on the number of attendees and the demand for more Warlord Games items, vendors, and tournaments, more space would be needed for any future events. The Reed Center has been our gracious host since 2015, giving us the room that is needed for our growing number of attendees, vendors, and tournaments. The 45th Infantry Division Museum has also been a gracious host opening their doors on the first day of our event to give private tours to our attendees.

In keeping with the Open Games Day theme, Jon is looking at expanding the number of table top games being presented, but still trying to stay within the table top battles genre. Portsmouth Miniatures brings in a game of old sailing ships on the high seas, battling for supremacy with nation against nation.  Contact has been made with other game demonstrators and we hope to add their games in the future (Battletech, Circus Maximus, Arena Rex).

Jon Russel - Event Commander:
I have been playing all kinds of board and miniature games (the Avalon Hill Board game Luftwaffe being my FIRST!) since the middle of the 1970's.  I owned my own store in the early 1980's up in Havre, Montana.  I helped organize the first game convention in Great Falls, Montana as well as one in Osan, the Republic of South Korea! Since then I have been gaming, organizing, attending and working tournaments, demonstrations and conventions all around the world.   I have been involved in the development of Bolt Action, Gates of Antares, Project Z and a few other ones still in the works.

Tony Radford - Event Coordinator:
Junior high school is where I got my start in gaming, through sessions of Dungeons and Dragons in a home room. I expanded my RPG experience with Villains and Vigilantes and Shadowrun as well as tabletop strategy games such as Lord of the Rings and B-17 Queen of the Skies. Card games such as Magic the Gathering and Pokemon are ones I’ve played as well. In a sense I have become a bit of a game collector and have even had the opportunity to play test and help fund games to bring them to the playing table. Jon introduced me to Warlord Games line of products and Beyond the Gates of Antares. The Antares bug bit and I was hooked ever since. Now I paint when I can and help Jon with running tables or demos at conventions and am the event coordinator for Warlord Games Con of OKC. When it comes to demos I usually run Beyond the Gates of Antares or Terminator Genisys but will soon be adding the upcoming Savage Core to my repertoire.

Jeffrey Hunt - Webmaster:

Lunatic at large. Worked as slave labor at Heritage Miniatures in the late 70's as a spin caster soaking up as much lead as possible. Soon after the PC was invented and off he went getting sucked down the digital path (paying jobs.) Involved with Dallas gaming conventions from 1980-1983 and Origins in 1984. Jeff started his own miniatures company in 1997, "Portsmouth Miniatures and Games", creating 1:900 scale Napoleonic Naval Miniatures. Jeff was also was part of the great team of people involved with Wolfhound Games as their WebMaster, game designer and playtester. In the more recient times he is the WebMaster for WarlordGamesCon, TwisterCon, ManeuversCon and the old Fort Worth Wars convention. Early 2013 he published a new board game "Chung Ling Soo Murder Mystery". During the summer of 2013 published card games "Heart Attack" and "PUCK!". In 2014 Portsmouth Miniatures and Games published their own rules for Napoleonic Naval called "Bloody Broadsides" and started carrying works of art of the Napoleonic Naval period. In Summer 2016 Portsmouth Miniatures and Games released their new version of 1:900 scale Napoleonic ships which have been completely redesigned using modern 3D design and printing techniques.